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Remove & Recycle

It is very important to properly prepare the surface that will support the asphalt. It’s mandatory to demolish and remove the previous surface for a clean, efficient application. Most of the material, including older asphalt and concrete, we recycle in asphalt plants to restart its lifecycle, making this practice a sustainable option too.


Grading & Sloping

This is an essential step that will allow the asphalt to be installed correctly and facilitate proper water drainage. Water can be a big concern for asphalt, and stagnant water can damage it in the long run. Properly performed grading and sloping tasks will ensure adequate water draining, so the asphalt won’t become a victim of excessive moist or wet environments. This helps prevent cracks in the asphalt, heaving, potholes, and other common water-related asphalt damage.


Sub Base Preparation

The sub base is another pivotal part of the process, and it is perhaps one of the most determining factors in a successful installation. The sub base will support the new pavement in a stable and reliable way, as well as reducing weathering, freezing and other damage, wear and tear related to the elements. A good sub base should be stabilized and compacted properly, in order to avoid complications in the future. If the sub base is weak or installed incorrectly, it can lead to issues such as poor water drainage.


Proof Roll & Sub Base Repair

This next step will ensure that the sub base surface is actually strong enough to support the asphalt. Proof roll tests include weight testing by driving over the area with a heavy duty truck. The gravel should not flex more than one inch under the weight of the vehicle. Following the proof roll, the crew will make the necessary adjustments and repairs to the sub base, as well as filling in any possible soft spots.


Binder & Surface Course

This step involves adding a binder, which is a large aggregate mixed with oil. This allows for further strength and durability of the base layer to the asphalt installation.


Asphalt Installation

This step is simply beautiful. It is the sharp, black top layer of asphalt material that is extremely smooth. Because the sub base is perfect, the smoothness will last longer and be more durable over the years.



This step is when the new asphalt material merges in with previous material, and it is very important to make sure that this step is completed properly in order to avoid water drainage issues. This process should be done with extreme care so drivers can hardly notice that there are two different asphalt installations.


Finishing Touches

The final step is a final roll, which allows the asphalt to be smoothed and compacted, eliminating bumps of material and making for a flat surface. Any traffic or parking space striping will be completed for a finishing touch.


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